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Easy Ways to Lower Summer Air-Conditioning Costs

May 11, 2019
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Summer in Georgia can strike fear in the wallets of just about every resident. The battle over the temperature to set the air-conditioning is ongoing, between trying to lower costs and not completely melt. Fortunately, purchasing one of the Moncks Corner new homes provides you with a quality HVAC system that is new and less likely to need costly repairs in the near future. However, there are still simple ways to keep your homes cool and your wallets fuller this summer.

First off, make sure your air filters don’t need changing. Dirty filters make the system work harder, resulting in higher energy bills. Keep replacement filters on hand and be sure to replace them regularly to keep your system running more efficiently.

Even if you love having sunlight streaming into your home, it’s worth it to try to keep your home as dark and shaded as possible during the day, particularly in the rooms that get the most direct sunlight. Blinds and curtains that block some of the light help keep temperatures down. If you’re at home during the day and don’t want to be in darkness, try to spend time in rooms where the sun isn’t as strong or at least keep the windows covered in the rooms you’re not using.

If you don’t have ceiling fans, get some. They do wonders for helping move cool air around the home and make it easier to set the thermostat a little higher. If you don’t want to install ceiling fans, at least consider portable fans for main living areas. You may also want to consider a dehumidifier, especially during Georgia summers, to remove excess humidity and keep you cooler.

When it comes to cooking, skip the oven whenever possible. Experiment with salads and other cold meals. If you must cook, try to use the microwave, slow cookers, the popular InstaPot, or go outdoors and grill. Ovens warm up the home and can make your air-conditioning work longer to get back to the desired temperature.

Finally, despite the arguments in many families, it really does save money to keep the thermostat set at 78 degrees when you’re home, and a little higher when you’re not. The higher you set your thermostat, the more money you can save during the summer. If you follow the other tips, then your house is likely to feel more comfortable anyway and the higher thermostat setting won’t be quite so bad.

Fortunately, when you choose one of Grayhawk’s Moncks Corner new homes, you have the added benefit of buying an Energy Star Certified new home that is built from the ground up to save energy and save you money. With proper maintenance, your home’s energy systems —  including the air-conditioning — will keep you cool all summer and for years to come without breaking the bank.

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