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August Home Checklist

August 10, 2021
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It’s August already and for many people, this summer has flown by, thanks to getting the opportunity to enjoy a few more activities than last year. Still, it’s time to start thinking about going back to school and back to work, if you haven’t started already, and it’s also time to think about preparing your homes in Smiths Station AL for the coming fall season. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a few end-of-summer activities along the way.

Once you’ve had your last beach outing for the season, don’t forget to hose everything down, dry everything off and make sure all your toys and chairs and umbrellas are safely stored to be ready to go next summer. Go ahead and get rid of anything that you know won’t last or has seen better days and take advantage of end of summer sales to replace items on the cheap.

If you’re a backyard gardener and are finding yourself overrun with fresh fruits and vegetables, don’t let them go to waste. Start spreading the wealth with neighbors, family, and friends, or even check local food pantries that may take fresh food donations. It will save space in your kitchen and brighten someone else’s. Also start doing any seasonal prep to ensure everything is ready to grow again next year.

Speaking of food and kitchens, now is the perfect time to go through your fridge, freezer and pantry and give everything a good cleanout. There are probably empty drinks boxes stuck in corners in the pantry and old take-out in the back of the fridge, not to mention those fruits and veggies you never got around to finishing. Check your freezer for items that have been in there a little too long. By doing all of this, you’re not only getting things clean and healthy, you’re also making room for the new season when lunch and dinner prep may be more rushed. The more space you have and a clear view of what you have and what you need will make it easier to make a healthy and delicious meal when you’re pushed for time due to work and after-school activities.

Now is also time to go through your closets and take a similar approach. While warm weather sticks around for longer in Alabama, you should still get rid of anything the kids have outgrown that is just taking up space. Also make a note of shoes and clothes that you and your family may need when the weather turns cooler. With growing kids, last year’s clothing may not fit this year. You may find yourself heading back into the office, as well, and may need to update to a more professional wardrobe.

If you are expecting a fall season full of activities, you may want to create a calendar or chalkboard that makes it easy for everyone to keep track of what is taking place, when and where, and make sure everyone knows their responsibilities. Color code, make weekly lists, or whatever works best for you. By having something that everyone in the family can see, it makes it easier for everyone to stay on track and accountable.

It’s probably time to backup all of those photos you took this summer. Save them to the cloud or external storage so that you don’t lose any precious photos and memories. While you’re doing this, have some fun and pick out some of your favorite memories from this summer and get those photos framed and hang them somewhere in your home. After all, we take so many pictures, but then tend to forget about them. Don’t let them just take up space on your phone; enjoy them! You could even put together a contemporary version of a slide show of your favorites and have a fun evening gathered together with snacks and drinks, reliving your fun memories of this summer.

Soon it will be time to start checking filters, HVAC systems, gutters and other weatherproofing for the cooler months, but for now, try to finish off any little projects while the weather is still nice and don’t forget to give yourself some time to relax. You’ve earned it and your new homes in Smiths Station AL are a great place to sit back, relax, and appreciate life.

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