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Interior Design Trends That Will Be Huge This Fall

September 4, 2021
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You’ve purchased one of the new homes in Auburn AL from Grayhawk and you’re working with our design team to put the finishing touches on your beautiful home. Now is the perfect time to update some of your interior design and add in some of the big fall trends that are showing up. Fortunately, these are easy ways to incorporate trendy designs without worrying about them going out of fashion quickly. They can easily be changed, or, with a few, you can go with something that you’re going to love for ages.

First up, we’re going cozy with earthy colors and natural fibers. Sand, earthy clay, and other warm neutrals are major design trends this fall. Fortunately, these are the kinds of neutrals that you can work with for years to come, adding in different accent colors as trends change. Muted terracotta, sandstone, and autumn-toned oranges are the big accent colors. Keep the walls and sofas in neutral but earthy tones that can adapt to different colors, but add in these warm, rich tones with throw pillows, candles, rugs and side chairs. Mix and match terracotta and subtle mustard with creamy, buttery colors to create a cozy retreat. Even in the summer, they’ll reflect warmth and summer sunshine, making them appropriate year round.

Natural materials, from wood to wool, are a big part of the return to nature. Wood based tables with slate-like tops add a touch of upscale elegance to this nature theme and stop it from being too rustic. Cashmere throws and silk throw pillows or wall hangings also help keep the rooms looking stylish and modern rather than leaning to farmhouse. In fact, designers are moving away from farmhouse chic and are more into cozy Scandinavian with lots of soft textures, like boucle, sherpa, and other soft, even furry (faux is acceptable) fabrics. These are easy ways to add some of the fall trends without investing too much. Woven poufs and wool blankets in those trendy colors or even in neutrals depending on your current furnishings add an automatic sense of warmth. If you have a window nook or some other small area, go ahead and turn it into a cozy spot to curl up with comfy cushions, warm blankets, and a small wood table for your warm drink and a good book.

Over the past year and a half, open plans have lost some of their charm. Yet people still like them for the convenience and ease of communication with others. The easy fix for open plans that provide a little more separation are room dividers. It can be something tall like open bookcases, or decorative screens, or you can use a stylish sideboard to create a simple divide between dining areas and living rooms. In fact, this is where the other big trend comes in: bespoke furniture. That sideboard could be made specifically to stand between two columns in your home or stand on its own, but with access doors on each side so that it’s functional but also looks good from the dining room and the living room.

As well as specially made pieces of furniture, many people are getting nostalgic and turning to vintage pieces, especially if it reminds them of their grandparents. Colored glass collections, vases, pieces of furniture, especially fun pieces like vintage drink carts, are a way to add a sense of coziness through nostalgia. Choose vintage pieces that you really like and can see keeping for years, not just for a quick trend. Plus, you can often repurpose some vintage furniture into rooms where it might not have originally been used. That drink cart could be used in a bedroom with a mirror above it for a whimsical vanity or simply as a place to hold a collection of books and sentimental knick-knacks or photos.

Finally, don’t forget the bedroom. Layering is big this fall. Linen sheets, with silk pillowcases, and large-knit blankets are just the start. Keep the room in warm tones, but feel free to play around with light and dark colors. If you have carpet, go ahead and put down a small rug on each side of the bed. If you don’t have carpet, you could place a large, natural sisal rug down beneath the bed and then layer that rug with smaller, more decorative Moroccan rugs for a contrast in colors and textures. Some people are even layering on the walls, with panelling on the bottom of the walls and wallpaper on the upper level, divided by architectural chair rails. Your bedroom should be a cozy retreat, so think about your dream space, even if it doesn’t match all of the other rooms in your home.

Focus on earth tones and natural materials and a few special pieces of furniture to create rooms that are on trend, yet are still comfortable and easy to put together. This fall’s trends are perfect for your beautiful new homes in Auburn AL from Grayhawk Homes.

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