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Tips to Remember When Decorating a Living Room

July 16, 2021
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Many new homes in Fortson GA feature a more formal living room as well as a more casual family room. Whether you have both or just one, the basic decorating tips remain the same; it’s just the furnishings themselves that may differ. By following these simple tips, you will have a living room or family room that is comfortable, stylish, and a place where family and guests feel at home.

The first thing to determine is the focal point of your room. It could be a fireplace, a painting, or a media system. The key is to figure out where your focus is going to be in the room when you’re using it. More formal living rooms may make a piece of art or a fireplace the focal point, whereas for comfort and convenience, the TV or media system is most likely to be the focal point in a more casual family room. You want to direct the primary seating toward this point, especially if it’s the TV as no one wants to get a sore neck watching their favorite shows. Not all furniture needs to be facing toward the focal item but typically the sofa should be facing it.

You should also think about how you’re going to use the room. A casual family room should probably have softer, larger seating for everyone to spread out comfortably. You may want some chairs that can move easily to face either the sofa or the media center to allow for ease of use, whether you’re having a conversation or watching a film. A more formal living room is less likely to be moved around, so you can set an arrangement and not worry about it.

Regardless of how you use the room, there should be some center point in the room. Coffee tables or small table sets work perfectly for this purpose, as well as provide a convenient place for drinks and snack, cell phones and other odds and ends. You want to avoid having all of the furniture against the wall and nothing in the center of the room. Feel free to even move the sofa away from the walls to fill up the room without overwhelming it. Moving the sofa forward can leave room for a console table behind the sofa, as well as space for bookcases or other pieces of furniture. Just make sure that there’s plenty of space to move freely around the room and furniture. You don’t want to be constantly banging into things.

Side tables next to sofas or consoles behind them, along with other tables or pieces of furniture around the room should also be used for layers of light. You’ll probably have some form of overhead lighting, but for a more comfortable atmosphere, the addition of lamps, candles, and other accent lighting can give you options depending on your needs and mood.

Try to keep furniture scaled so that the sizes flow smoothly. A cabinet for media that mimics the length of the sofa, paired with taller bookcases that stand opposite a wall of windows will help move the eye around the room and not have any one piece feel out of place or unbalanced.

Finally, don’t forget the rug. It really does pull a room together and adds a softer touch for underfoot, as well as a chance to add some complementary or bolder colors, depending on your color scheme. Plus, if you have pets, even if they have their own beds, they’ll appreciate the softer spot on the floor, especially if their bed is elsewhere in the home.

There are programs online where you can enter furniture dimensions and sometimes even specific pieces to help you get a feel for the overall arrangement, letting you move pieces around on the screen, rather than moving heavy pieces in person. Plus when you move into your new homes in Fortson GA, you’ll already know exactly where you want to put everything on moving day. Don’t forget to check out our 3D tour of our model home in Fortson for some design inspiration, or visit it in person. Give us a call today to learn more about our variety of model homes.

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