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Exterior and Home Elevation Tips

September 12, 2021
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One of the reasons people choose to have their home built for them, especially on their own land, is the opportunity to create a home that matches your wants and needs. That even goes with the exterior of the home. When you choose us to build your Smiths Station AL homes, whether in a community or on your own land, you want to keep the exterior of your home in mind, as well as the interior when making your choices. These tips are sure to help.

To be sure to get the elevation (front, back, and sides) that you really want, building on your own land is the best bet, as exterior choices are sometimes limited in communities. We will happily build on your own land and work with you to create your dream exterior. That’s your first tip: find someone willing to listen to your preferences who will find a way to make the interior and exterior come together perfectly. Choosing Grayhawk Homes is always a smart choice.

Most choices come down to materials, door location, shape, size and number of windows, garage door numbers and location, rooflines, and placement of walkways and stairs. Some choices are more decorative, while others have real-life consequences that you need to think through.

Practicality and accessibility are key. Your home needs to be easy to access and use. You may only want one garage door, but if you have two or more cars, it’s best to have at least a two-car garage. If you don’t want the front of your home taken up with garage doors, move the garage to the side of the home. Similarly, your home needs to be accessible. Make sure you include a doorway inside the garage to provide easy access, especially when bringing in groceries or avoiding bad weather. Both in the garage and the front door, think about who will be visiting or living in your home. Elderly relatives who visit often will be safer and more comfortable if they don’t have to deal with front steps. Accidents and illnesses can strike, as well, making stairs difficult to manage, so you may prefer to have at least one entrance — front, side, or back — that is easily accessible for anyone with a disability.

As for the materials of the exterior, make sure you look at them in person before signing off. They may look nice in the drawing, but when you see them in person, they may not be the shade, texture, or quality you were expecting. Fortunately, builders typically have samples of the brick, stone, and vinyl siding they use to help you finalize your choice and feel comfortable with what will be the finished product.

This is a good time to remember that you need to keep costs in mind. You may love the look of stone, but it may not fit your budget. You may be better off finding ways of using stone for part of the elevation and using a more affordable material for the rest of the home. You can also make the choice as to whether you want the sides and back to look the same as the front. You could choose to focus more budget on the front of the home and use siding on the sides and back, especially if they won’t be visible from the street. The point is to know your budget and find the best options to stay within it.

Finally, keep an open mind. As with the budget, you may find that your original idea for your home may ultimately change by the end of the process. However, you may also be exposed to new ideas that could improve your home’s elevation and interior. So keep an open mind when talking with the architects and designers because they have a lot of experience and have seen how certain ideas have worked out beautifully.

It’s easy to get caught up in the interiors of our Smiths Station AL homes, but don’t forget the exterior. After all, someday you may want to sell, and curb appeal matters. Plus, you want to come home every day to a home that is welcoming and your own personal refuge. If you have a plot of land you’ve been thinking of building on, feel free to contact us today to start discussing ideas for building your own personal piece of paradise.

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