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How to Stage a Home to Sell Fast

July 21, 2018
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When you’re ready to purchase one of the Grayhawk new homes in Auburn, you may also need to sell your existing home. In order to sell your old home as quickly as possible, it’s important to get your home clean and styled to appeal to a broad number of buyers. The agents at Rose Anne Erickson Realty will not only help you sell your house, but also help you decide what options are best for staging your home to sell quickly.

First and foremost, make sure your home is clean. Wash the windows, get rid of cobwebs in the corners and repaint if there are any dirty and damaged areas. A clean home goes a long way to making potential buyers feel comfortable.

Once everything is clean, think about what features really make your home stand out. It could be a great outdoor living area, a spa-like bathroom, or a beautiful fireplace. The key is to emphasize the best elements. This also helps you nail down what you really need to do for staging, whether it’s removing furniture that may block certain views or even renting furnishings, such as outdoor furniture and accessories that show off the home’s potential to new buyers.

If some of your furnishings have seen better days, do consider working with a staging company to perhaps replace some of the worst offenders. However, before you go to that extreme, it often helps to simply remove as much clutter as possible. That includes extra chairs and tables that may make rooms feel smaller and cramped. A few decorative throws or slipcovers may hide the worst, and it’s more important for buyers to feel they have space to fit their own furnishings.

For families who have already moved into their new homes in Auburn, don’t leave your old house completely empty. This is where staging companies particularly come in useful. You don’t have to rent an entire home’s worth of furniture, but try to create a sense of daily life in major rooms, rather than leaving a blank canvas, it makes buyers feel more at home and able to envisage their own life in the home. Who knows, maybe you and the potential buyer will gain inspiration from the staging pieces and make them a part of your own home.

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