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The Perks of a Personalized Home

February 6, 2021
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Too often, people say they want an older home because it has character. Yet the reality of the “character” in older homes is often unexpected repairs, not to mention the need to redecorate multiple rooms that never quite fit your needs. Meanwhile, with one of the brand new Grayhawk homes in Auburn AL, you have the chance to create a truly personalized home full of your own character and needs, thanks in part to our range of thoughtfully designed home plans, along with our expert design team who will help you throughout the process.

Before you start, you should hopefully have a good idea of what you want and need in a home, as that will play an important role in the design and options you choose. Think about your lifestyle and what would make your life easier and happier. Do you entertain? Do you work from home? Do you have young kids who will need space to grow? All of these are factors to consider as you plan your personalized home. Make sure to clearly discuss your needs with our team so we can help you find the home design that will suit you for years to come.

The open floor plan remains popular, but after this last year of extensive togetherness, some people are looking for a little more definition to their interiors. You can still have an open floor plan to make conversation easy, as well as to help keep an eye on young kids, but there are design elements that help define some of the traditional main rooms, such as the family room, dining room, and kitchen. Simple archways can still keep the space open, but provide more separation between areas, giving each space a sense of individuality. Even the type of ceiling, such as tray and other architectural style finishes can further set a room apart, not to mention providing some real character and style to the room.

Of course, another option these days is having the owner’s suite on the ground floor, with the rest of the bedrooms upstairs, which is a way of giving parents and older kids a little more privacy. Plus, the upper floors often feature adaptable spaces such as lofts, media rooms, game rooms, and more that are ideal for growing kids, giving them a space to play or study, depending on their needs. Best of all, these flexible spaces let your home grow with you, giving you a playroom for young kids and perhaps a family media room or home gym as the kids get older. Being able to choose a home that gives you options that meet your lifestyle now and in the future is a home you will feel comfortable in for years to come.

Finally, once you’ve sorted out the layout of your dream home, you also get to personalize it with the colors, finishes, floors, and more that appeal to you. No more making do with an odd-colored kitchen until you get time to paint. From day one, your home is designed to reflect your tastes and personality. Our Grayhawk Design Studio helps you personalize, both inside and out, from carpet and cabinets to exterior siding and outdoor lights. Our Design Consultants are a free resource to help you find that perfect finish that you’ve had in mind, walking you through the process every step of the way.

So if you’re ready to buy one of the homes in Auburn AL, check out our home designs, look through our galleries, and feel free to contact us today to learn more about how you can create a truly personalized home that not only looks fantastic and individual, but truly fits your lifestyle with room to adapt.

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