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2020’s Biggest Decor Trends

January 13, 2020
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What better time to embrace some of the newest and biggest home decor trends than now when moving into one of the new homes in Phenix City AL! Working with Grayhawk Homes and their design experts, new home buyers are able to give themselves over to trying new design ideas that will make their homes unique, even if some of the trends are popular. It’s all in how you incorporate elements of the design trends. Plus, this year, there are plenty of trends made for adding your own personal touch.

For example, vintage is in this year. That doesn’t mean vintage wall to wall; we’re talking about one or two individual accent pieces. Spindle-leg chairs with otherwise clean-lined modern dining tables. Damask-covered chaise-longue chairs or curving velvet-covered settees amid Danish minimalism. By choosing the vintage element you want, you make the trend your own, so it represents you, rather than you blindly following a trend.

Similarly, there’s a growing trend this year for antique art. Hit up garage and estate sales or even auctions and galleries to find antique paintings that appeal to you. There’s no reason why you can’t take it seriously and look for pieces of value. However, you can also choose more affordable, borderline kitsch pieces within a theme if you prefer. Landscapes, seascapes, formal portraits, sailboats, horse portraits … it’s easy to find paintings that will appeal to you and look appropriate in your room or hallway of choice. When considering where to put your art, also don’t forget the kitchen. Whether hanging on a wall or sitting on an open shelf, artwork in the kitchen is another of this year’s trends.

If you’re in the process of building and thinking about the bathrooms, seriously consider a free-standing tub. They’re a growing trend, fitting in with some of the other vintage elements. While you can certainly aim for the vintage look with a claw-foot tub, a freestanding flat-bottom tub perfect for soaking has proven to be even more popular with people redoing their bathrooms in the past year.

Finally, there’s an element of coastal design appearing in homes across the country, not just beach homes. Navy blue, AKA Classic Blue, Pantone’s color of the year, is showing up everywhere. All-white kitchens are out, with blue cabinets or backsplash tiles and accents adding a vivid contrast to some of the remaining white. The wonderful thing about this shade of blue is that it can add drama and contrast — another 2020 design trend — while still feeling refined and elegant. Paired with crisp white accents, it can be regal or nautical. To keep the room feeling light, add in some rattan or wicker furniture, further adding to the nautical/coastal look, without going overboard. A light-colored, plush sofa paired with wicker or rattan side chairs or tables brings balance to the more austere navy blue walls and white trim.

Other trends include everything from olive trees to modern canopy beds. The joy of decorating in the 21st century is that there are rarely rules, but there are trends that can be incorporated in ways that don’t feel overdone. Choose elements that truly appeal to you and you’ll be happy with your new homes in Phenix City AL for years to come. Your homes will reflect you, not just design trends, and you’ll be able to update them easily as times and trends change.

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