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Alternatives to Your Living Room Coffee Table

April 24, 2020
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While a coffee table is usually an intrinsic part of any living room in the new homes in Opelika AL, that doesn’t mean you have to go with the more traditional types of coffee tables, which can be heavy in appearance. You don’t really need a table at all, necessarily. There are a variety of decor elements that can do double duty, giving your living room a fresh new look. After all, when moving into one of the Grayhawk Homes that are so beautifully designed, why not consider trying something different.

If you still want a table, but are open to ideas, consider the use of something a little different, such as a large drum table, particularly one that looks like a large bowl with a solid top. Large versions can be set off to one side, creating a mix of a coffee table and display table that becomes a decorative element in its own right. This works particularly well in large open living rooms when you have a lot of space. The larger table isn’t dwarfed the way some tables can be.

If you still prefer the convenience of a coffee table but want something a little different, there are a couple of trendy options these days. One is an acrylic table that provides the flat surface you want for drinks, remotes, etc., but gives you a clear body, so that it doesn’t dominate the room. Plus, with the clear body, it’s a fun way to put special items on display inside the table. Whether it’s a new take on the stacks of coffee table books or some sort of ornamental display, you can have a lot of fun changing it out regularly.

Another option is to go smaller and lighter than a traditional table, by choosing nesting tables. If you prefer a smaller footprint for your coffee table, keep them together for regular use, but then pull them out when entertaining. Of course, the lightweight nature of nesting tables and varying heights also make for a visually interesting display in their own right. Alternatively, just choose two smaller tables that are complementary, but don’t necessarily match.

If you don’t want a coffee table at all, get comfy and get some floor poufs, whether in knit, fuzzy, or solid fabrics. They come in various heights, allowing you to use them as foot rests, side tables, or extra seating. Plus, when big enough, a tray can be placed on one for drinks and snacks.

There are also ottomans that serve a variety of purposes. These plush elements typically have storage options with a removable lid. The lid also works as seating or at least as a foot rest. All you need is a beautiful tray as a solid surface for drinks and such. You can always move it around the room to different locations as the mood strikes, so it doesn’t always have to be in front of the sofa.

If you want to get rid of traditional coffee tables, but still need a convenient flat surface, a number of stylish and clean-lined pieces are being designed to slip over the arm of the sofa. They have a flat top for drinks or food, and often have pockets on the side for remotes, magazines, and similar items. They give you freedom to play around with more stylish options, rather than being focused solely on function.

As you plan the interior design of one of the new homes in Opelika, AL, don’t be afraid to play with unusual design layouts and features. With the variety of furnishings available now, it’s easy to break with tradition and give your living room a whole new look that represents your true personal style.

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