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Benefits of Energy Star Certified Homes

February 9, 2020
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Among the many reasons home buyers are in the market for Columbus GA new homes is the fact that new construction tends to incorporate more up-to-date building practices and materials. Grayhawk new homes are designed to be energy efficient, not only to make your home more comfortable year round, but also to help save you money year round. When you choose to work with Grayhawk Homes, you can count on a number of benefits that come from owning an Energy Star Certified Home.

The fact is that Energy Star Certified Homes are built more efficiently from the ground up. It’s not just a matter of energy saving appliances; it’s better insulation, high-quality doors and windows, moisture barriers, comprehensive air sealing, and water management. When your home is protected from drafts, leaks, and other weaknesses, you ultimately use your high-quality heating and cooling system less, while the system itself enables you to use it smartly.

For example, programmable thermometers allow you to schedule when your heating and cooling comes on, while also allowing you to control the general ambient temperature. If you’re going on vacation, you can set the thermometer to use little energy while you’re gone but schedule it so that your home is comfortable by the time you return. Even on a daily basis, you can schedule heating and cooling to make your home pleasant to come home to without wasting energy during the day when you’re gone.

Of course, when your home is built to better manage ambient temperatures, keeping out the worst of the heat and cold, you can also get away with making the most of open windows during pleasant weather. In addition, your Energy Star Certified Home also features a fresh air system to control the amount of fresh air coming in throughout the day. Thanks to the quality filters, this system provides better air quality in your home, providing fresh air while filtering out dust, pollen and other allergens.

All of this translates to a home that offers up to 30% in energy savings compared to regular new homes. Energy Star Certified Homes reduce greenhouse gases by 3,700 pounds per year compared to a typical home, which is equivalent to greenhouse gas emissions absorbed by planting 43 trees. But what does this mean to your wallet? Energy Star Certified Homes average around $300 a year in energy savings.

Columbus GA new homes built by Grayhawk Homes that are Energy Star Certified not only save you money, but they provide peace of mind. Each home is inspected carefully by trained and certified independent professionals, so you can feel confident that every aspect of your new home is built to perform its best. The final result is a beautiful home that is comfortable, efficient, money saving, and a joy to live in each and every day.

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