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Best Paint Colors Based on Your Personality

July 3, 2021
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Back in the day, people used to get their colors done, to see what colors best suited their physical coloring. Some were pastels, some were jewel tones, some were autumn, some were winter. Essentially, it was a way to figure out what colors to gravitate toward in your clothing and what colors to avoid. You can do something similar with the colors you choose to decorate your Smiths Station AL homes. Rather than looking for colors that suit your appearance, there are colors that suit your personality. Of course, if they make you look good, too, win-win!

Noone is just one personality trait, so you can choose different color palettes for different rooms, especially based on the purpose of the room. In some cases, you can combine complementary colors in one space, or if you’re the bold type, mix up some colors you don’t always see together. Your home is a representation of your personality after all. Ultimately, go with what speaks to you, but you may find that certain colors really do match your personality and may be perfect for your new home.

People with warm, cheerful personalities often gravitate to colors that express those qualities. For those who are big personalities, you may find a lot of earthy orange tones, bright yellows, as well as pinks and peaches. These are warm, welcoming colors that represent coziness and the comfort of people who like to look after others. Talk about a warm fuzzy feeling!

However, you can be drawn to these colors, but prefer softer versions that may be more relaxing. These are more like the introvert versions of the warm, cheerful colors. After all, introverts are warm and caring and cheerful around their close friends and families and can be just as drawn to warm colors. In their case, rather than a bright lemon yellow, a cooler tint of yellow with more white in it may be just the choice. To help balance things out, you could add in some cooler blues, greens and crisp whites.

However, when it comes to your home, whether you’re a warm, bubbly extrovert or a more laid-back introvert, cooler colors often win out, especially in certain rooms. A lot of people gravitate to blues and greens, paired with other natural and neutral tones for a sense of calm and relaxation. After all, home is where you go to get away from the worries of the world, as much as you can, and it’s nice to have rooms that make you feel at ease.

That doesn’t mean you have to go with pastels, though. There are a number of shades of blue and green, often with gray undertones that make a room look elegant, yet calming. Plus, in Alabama, when the summers get hot, those cooler colors can help make you feel a little cooler, even if it’s just mentally. Still, if you don’t want the rooms to feel too cold, warm them up with natural wood shelving or side tables, natural fiber baskets and some colorful rugs. Don’t forget some real greenery, too, such as one of the larger potted plants in a corner to give you a hint of the jungle, but with the benefit of AC.

Of course, you can always go with jewel tones if you gravitate to those bold, glamorous colors. People who are outgoing, creative and not afraid to shake things up may turn to colors like jade, amethyst, ruby and sapphire. These colors certainly add character to a simple room. Think of a room with an accent wall of deep amethyst wallpaper with a simple pattern, paired with a gray sofa with accent pillows in pops of bright purple and chartreuse, with a rich purple rug or footstool. Add in more white accent pieces and touches of vintage gold for a rich, glamorous living room. If you don’t want to go that bold in your living room, have fun with the half bathroom, choosing a rich sapphire wall color, or a rich red for the dining room. Just be sure to keep other elements neutral; of course, black counts as a neutral, too. Have fun with these rooms that don’t get as much use and let your bright, bold side express itself.

Finally, if you’re more of a minimalist, choose soft neutrals and simply add pops of color in via throws and pillows, artwork, and rugs. The best part is that you can change things up easily and affordably when you choose comforting neutrals for the bulk of your decor and leave the color to come in the form of more easily changed items, even curtains!

Think about the colors you gravitate toward as you start to decorate your Smiths Station AL homes. You may not want to use your favorite colors in every room, but there are plenty of ways to put your personality into every room. Our Design Studio can help you go big and bold or soft and calming, based on your desires. There’s no wrong choice; decorate to create a place that truly represents you and makes you feel at home.

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