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Charming Christmas Mantel Ideas

November 28, 2019
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Believe it or not, it’s almost time to start thinking about Christmas decorations. If you’ve chosen one of the beautiful homes in Phenix City AL that are built by Grayhawk Homes, you may have had a fireplace included. Even if you don’t have a fireplace, you may have a mantel-like fixture or console table in your family room that is perfect for holiday decorations. Remember, it doesn’t just have to be the family Christmas stockings hung from the mantel. There are a variety of design ideas to add some festive charm.

If you prefer something classic and simple, go ahead and hang up the stockings and be sure to pick up some boughs of Christmas tree branches to drape across the top of the mantel. For some whimsy, why not add in a metallic or glittery reindeer. For balance, try grouping the stockings on one side and the reindeer on the other side.

While we may not get white Christmases in the South, we do get great citrus fruit. Embrace the location and create a lush display of garlands, wreathes, evergreen boughs, and citrus fruit clusters, such as oranges and lemons. Even better if you can include some of the leaves from the orange and lemon trees still attached to the fruit!

Instead of the more common greenery, go red! Cover your mantel in garlands of red berry branches. You could add red votive candle holders for some sparkle or twist in small white strings of lights among the berry branches for a dazzling display.

You’re bound to find a variety of holiday-related serving trays in differing sizes this time of year. Round, square, rectangular, small, medium, and large, with holiday quotes or pictures, be sure to pick up a mixture and use them as layered art on your mantel. Choose three of varying sizes for the center, or do mismatched pairs on each end. Just make sure you choose colors that complement each other and don’t become too busy. Add a simple garland and some candles for the finishing touch.

If you’re a minimalist, we haven’t forgotten you. There’s nothing like a clean, bare mantel with nothing both decorative Christmas stocking holders and the stockings themselves, evenly spaced. You can buy figurine holders or choose ones that spell out words, such as “peace” or “snow” or a word that has meaning for you. Even if you don’t have enough family members for all of the letters, get a few extra stockings to frame the family ones — or add in stockings for the pets!

Whether you go crazy with candles of all sizes or simply use your mantel as the perfect place to display your holiday cards, there are so many ways you can add holiday cheer to the mantels in your homes in Phenix City AL. Mantels and console tables are small enough that you can play around with different displays each year without spending a fortune, so have fun and get creative!


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