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Energy Star Homes Prove More Efficient

May 9, 2021
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The market drives the industry and that goes for the home industry, too. More homeowners, when looking at Auburn new homes, are looking for homes that are energy efficient. That means people are looking for homes with solid Energy Star ratings, knowing that the better the rating, the more money they’ll be saving on their home in the long run. That’s why Grayhawk builds energy efficient homes to meet the demand.

One of the many reasons to buy an energy efficient home is the fact that it’s more comfortable, year round. How many of us have grown up in homes with parents coming along behind us, adjusting the thermostat to try to save some money. With an energy efficient home, you don’t have to put on more layers or dress lighter; you can keep your home a comfortable temperature all year long without spending more money. This is done through better insulation, double-paned windows, attention to areas where air can leak in or out, and having smart thermostats that you can program to suit your needs.

As well as more consistent temperatures and a reduction in leaks and drafts, your home will have a comprehensive water management system to make it better withstand the elements. This means the roofs, walls, and foundations are more resistant to moisture and the damage it can cause over time.

With a high-performance air system, your home also provides better air quality indoors. This is especially important for those with allergies and other health issues. The high-quality filters trap more pollen, allergens, and dust to allow you to breathe easier.

An energy efficient home is good for the environment, too, by reducing the carbon footprint through the reduction of energy you’re using. And what does a reduction in energy use mean? Lower costs for you! That’s one of the big reasons people are turning to home builders like Grayhawk Homes, who build energy efficient homes.

The savings can be significant. An Energy Star certified new home provides energy savings of up to 30% compared to regular new homes and even more compared to pre-owned homes. The average annual savings from an Energy Star certified new home is $300. When you choose an Energy Star certified home, you’re already off to a good start. If you then add in other energy saving features like energy saving light bulbs and appliances, you’re going to see the difference in your monthly bills and annual savings.

All of these are more than enough reasons to purchase one of the Energy Star certified Auburn new homes from Grayhawk Homes. Plus, if you decide to move in the future, you’ll find more buyers looking for energy saving homes, helping you sell your home faster. From start to finish, it’s clear that an energy efficient home is the way to go, now and in the future. Contact us today to learn more about how we build beautiful, efficient homes.

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