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Festive Fall Porch Ideas

September 18, 2020
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The temperatures may still say summer, but that doesn’t stop the southern love of decorating the front porches of our Columbus Georgia homes as if Fall were already here in full force. Bring on the gourds, plaid, colorful leaves, and all the various shades of orange, red, and yellow! If you have a brand new Grayhawk home with a fantastic front porch and want to up your decorating game this year, here are some fantastic fall ideas.

We have a variety of home designs that include porches of varying sizes. Our Bailey home design is great for decorating, thanks to its width and column features. This is a porch made for rocking chairs, benches, loveseats, or any type of seating you prefer. To decorate for the fall, incorporate some cushions and throw blankets in autumnal colors and patterns (and in weather-resistant fabrics, of course) to create a cozy seating area. Add in some pumpkins, lanterns, and flowers scattered among the chairs for a nice finishing touch.

With a larger porch like this, you can also include decorative displays. For example, find a vintage wheelbarrow and fill it with a mixture of pumpkins, gourds, dried corn stalks, and colorful leaves. Check out the faux foliage and more at craft stores to get some great selections to round out your display. You could even paint a welcome message or your house number on the pumpkins to add a unique touch.

Best of all, this kind of display can be done in a variety of containers, not just wheelbarrows, and it can be scaled up or down in size depending on your needs and space. Grab a small bale of hay, and use a vintage-style wood crate or some other thematic container on top to create a similar arrangement. Or, skip the hay bale and just use the crate or a nice basket with gourds instead of pumpkins if you want something smaller.

If you have a smaller front porch, you can use your arrangements to draw the eye toward the front door. Try creating a symmetrical arrangement with bundles of dried corn stalks against the wall on each side of the door, then consider getting a couple of pairs of decorative lanterns in large and medium sizes to lead out from the corn stalks, creating a guided walkway. Fill the smaller lanterns with gourds and fill the larger one with bundled fall garland materials. You can stagger the arrangements of the lanterns and include some smaller pumpkins to round out the display.

These kinds of lanterns, in smaller sizes, also look nice on front porch steps, alternated with pumpkins or mums. Feel free to extend your decorations past the front porch and steps, lining the walkway with pumpkins, potted mums, and even small hay bales if you want to create a gradated look, starting small and getting larger as you get to the house.

If your porch has columns of some form, like our Bailey home design, use some of the berry-style autumn garland to wrap around them. You could always add in a few colorful leaves or entwine them with ivy garland for a softer look.

Finally, don’t forget the mums. This classic fall plant comes in a variety of colors that let you build a wonderful arrangement. Use potted ones in baskets, classic terra cotta, or even some galvanized buckets that are rustic yet add a touch of sparkle. Go classic with orange mums, or use white ones to balance out the color scheme, or go bold and add in some purple ones for some vivid contrast. They can line a front porch, sit on steps, sit atop porch tables or frame a doorway. These versatile flowers are a great way to lead in and out of the season, too, if you don’t want to use pumpkins the whole time.

As you start decorating the porches of your Columbus Georgia homes, feel free to get creative, mixing in vintage signs and decorative pieces that you can use to create fall arrangements. Feel free to paint pumpkins in plaid patterns if that strikes your fancy or go for an ombre effect ranging from creamy white to bright orange. Don’t forget to create some height in your arrangements, especially ones actually on your front porch. They’ll draw the eye in and put you and your neighbors in the fall mood. Now turn up the AC, if need be, and bring out the hot apple cider!

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