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Fun Ideas for Celebrating Halloween at Home

October 10, 2020
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If you’ve purchased one of the Columbus GA homes built by Grayhawk Homes, you know you have plenty of space to get creative with your Halloween decorations and entertainment. Although this year may require an at-home celebration, there’s no reason why you can’t still have a fun and memorable Halloween. We’ve got some easy tips on how to create some thrills, chills, and maybe dredge up a few screams right at home this Hallow’s Eve!

Kids love forts. Whether it’s under the dining room table, in a tent in the backyard, or a repurposed large box, you can make a fort just about anywhere. This Halloween, why not create a spooky fort with LED candles, black and Halloween-theme fabric, some stretched-out stuffing spider webs, and other fun Halloween decorations. Try to set it up a week in advance if you can, just so kids can have fun with it in a variety of ways, whether it’s playing a game on a tablet, eating an afternoon snack, coloring, or reading some ghost stories. A “haunted fort” is always a winner.

Just because you can’t necessarily go trick or treating this year, doesn’t mean you can’t still ensure a candy haul for the kids. You could have them do a series of tricks to get the candy, or you could create a scavenger hunt with clues for them to find candy hidden around the house, or simply hide candy around the house for them to find. If you have multiple children and want to keep things fair, determine how much they can find in advance and once they’ve found their limit, they’re done.

Costumes are a big part of Halloween, so you go through your closets and pull out a variety of outfits and let the kids create their own unique costumes. Alternatively, get some plain t-shirts and fabric paint and let the kids create their own Halloween 2020 t-shirts.

While you’re getting creative, don’t forget the face paint! Either let the kids have fun painting their own faces, or if someone is feeling particularly creative and artistic, they can give the kids some more artful face painting designs. Just make sure you have makeup remover on hand! Parents shouldn’t miss out on the fun, either. Let the kids paint your faces, however they choose!

Other ways to get creative include classics, like carving pumpkins. If knives are too much for your kids, let them make monster puppets out of paper sandwich bags and other crafty supplies you probably have on hand.

Cookies are always a hit, especially if the kids get to decorate them! Pick up some fun Halloween cookie cutter shapes and either make your own cookies from scratch, or just roll out a tube of cookie dough. The whole family will have fun decorating cookies in Halloween colors and themes, and adding sprinkles and other fun toppings.

After the cookies have been eaten, burn off some of that sugar with your own Halloween Dance Party! You can host your own Monster Mash, playing fun, and spooky songs, ranging from the Monster Mash itself, to some of the theme songs from shows like The Addam’s Family.

If you look online, you’ll probably find plenty of Halloween-themed games with everything from bingo to twister. There are even Halloween Mad Libs, which are always good for a laugh.

Finally, there’s always the option of monster movie night. Pick an age-appropriate Halloween film, turn off the lights, light a few candles, pop some popcorn and have a Halloween film fest!

These are just a few ways you can easily get the whole family involved in Halloween this year, without having to leave home or have people over to your Columbus GA homes. Let the kids help decorate, maybe pick up some extra Halloween decorations to use inside and outside the home, and you’ll end up with a Halloween they’re sure to remember.

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