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Fun Socially Distanced Thanksgiving Ideas

November 15, 2020
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There’s no getting around the fact that the holidays may be a little different this year. Some people may be celebrating with fewer family and friends around, while others may be celebrating on their own. No matter who you’re celebrating Thanksgiving with this year in your new homes in Opelika AL, the most important thing is to be thankful for what you do have. Still, there’s no reason why you can’t have a fun, memorable turkey day. You may even end up creating some new favorite traditions.

In the days leading up, don’t forget to put together some festive decorations. Even if it’s just a great centerpiece for your dining table, putting up some decorations will help get you in the holiday spirit. Look for some dried heirloom-style corn cobs in great colors to stand on end around a vase and tie them together with some ribbon and then fill the vase with some orange and white flowers for a knock-out table centerpiece.

As for the day itself, you’ll be eating a big meal, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need a good breakfast to get you through all of the last-minute preparations. Consider making a quiche the night before or a frittata that morning with fall favorites like sweet potato, kale and feta that provides a healthy, satisfying start to the day.

Don’t forget to leave time during the preparations to watch this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. That’s right, the show must go on and the parade will still take place this year, just in a slightly different format as it takes place virtually, without the crowds. It’s not quite the same, but it’s hard to imagine the day without the parade, not to mention the first appearance of Santa Claus!

If you have the time, get the whole family outdoors for a family walk or bike ride. It will burn off some energy if the kids are restless and certainly help make room for the big meal. If the weather isn’t cooperating, try playing a scavenger game inside. You can create your own, find ideas online, or even buy game sets. For young kids, consider some Thanksgiving related arts and crafts. Go old school with the turkey made from a handprint or let them get more creative if they’re older. They could make napkin rings or place holders that you can use this year and for years to come, or at least have cute keepsakes.

If the kids are busy crafting and you’ve got some free time, find a cozy nook, light a Thanksgiving-scented candle and curl up with a good book. You deserve some time to enjoy yourself and relax, too.

If you don’t have time to sit down and relax, a fall-themed cocktail might work instead. Whether you make individual cocktails or create a batch, there are plenty of great fall flavors to try. You could always make a non-alcoholic punch that can be topped up for the adults so that the whole family can enjoy a festive drink.

Finally, even if you can’t be with the whole family this year, make the most of all of that Zoom experience and try to create a virtual gathering of family and friends. Even if it’s a relatively short meetup, it’s bound to help you feel more festive when it’s time to sit down and enjoy the big meal.

These are just a few ways of making the most of this less-than-typical Thanksgiving this year. Focus on spending time with the family you do have with you or focus on spending the day indulging in your favorite activities and foods that you don’t normally get to enjoy, making the most of self care if you’re on your own. Be thankful for what you do have and find a way to truly enjoy the day in your new homes in Opelika AL. Happy Thanksgiving!.


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