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Hot Living Room Trends for This Summer

June 16, 2019
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The living room is typically the heart of the home, where family and friends come to spend quality time together. As a result, it’s a good idea to give this room an update regularly, whether you’ve been in your home for a while or are moving into one of the new homes in Auburn and want to start fresh. Whether you’re going all out or just updating a few elements, here are some of the top design trends for living rooms this summer.

One of the biggest trends this summer is the incorporation of natural textures, materials, and colors. Rattan and cane furniture, such as individual chairs or side tables, are popping up for a casual, almost coastal vibe, along with materials like seagrass, woven cord, and rush. Add in some linen curtains, untreated wood decorations, and natural earth tones and you have a great room that will see you through the seasons with simple additions and adjustments.

Another natural material to consider this season is plenty of greenery. From statement plants to tabletop arrangements of succulents to trailing hanging plants, aim to bring the outdoors inside.

With the more natural and organic elements, there’s a certain bohemian aspect to many of this summer’s trends, while still maintaining some sense of clean lines and minimalism. Consider a blend of Scandinavian style with natural wood side tables and rounded-edge, but simple sofas, topped off with the more ornate yet organic patterns of vintage Moroccan rugs. Even if you can’t afford the real thing, there are plenty of affordable flat-woven printed rugs perfect for that detailed touch. You could also introduce some similar prints through throw pillows on sofas and chairs, and add in some bohemian floor pillows for the finishing touch.

Ultimately, this season is seeing a lot of mixing and matching and throwing away old rules. Do you want to cover every inch of a wall with family photos or a collection of favorite prints, photos, quotes, and children’s drawings? Then go for it! Do you have some great mid-century chairs, along with a treasured antique sideboard? Combine them! Prints and patterns, old and new, bold and simple, they all work together if you like them together.

Family rooms in new homes in Auburn should reflect the families that live in these rooms and create memories there. Choose what speaks to you and your family to create a room where everyone feels welcome and comfortable.

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