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How to Create a Welcoming Backyard Getaway

June 7, 2021
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One of the many perks of building on your own lot is being able to situate and create the ideal surrounding yard area. From shaded side gardens to backyard getaways, your Auburn homes can easily increase their living space by making the most of the outdoors. We have some tips on how to make your outdoor areas more welcoming, whether just for your immediate family or for friends and neighbors.

Ideally, you want multiple areas of your yard to be used for different forms of entertainment and relaxation. Plan out your yard so that you can have an area where you can string up hammocks or set up chaise longues for quiet relaxation, and other areas where the kids can play and have noisy fun. One area should be for sitting around and chatting with family and friends, and you may want to consider adding another area for dining and cooking. Depending on how extensive you go in your outdoor design, you could easily create a small kitchen area around your grill, with tables and chairs and umbrellas or ceilings for easy outdoor dining. The options are numerous and depend on how you imagine using the space to fit your lifestyle.

The bare minimum is a really great outdoor patio or deck. Splurge on furniture that can stand up to the elements, but that also looks truly attractive. You want something that almost looks like it could be used indoors. Equally, make sure it’s comfortable. Bench cushions for seating and plenty of supportive and comfortable pillows for the back are a must, and look for fabrics that are stylish but fun, whether they’re solids or prints. You don’t have to go kitsch; dots and triangles in cheerful colors against a summery background color add some stylish charm. Fortunately, there are a number of fantastic fabrics and textiles that work well outdoors, drying quickly and standing up to UV light, while also being soft to the touch. It’s vital to make the seating comfortable so that people want to stick around.

That also means adding in enough tables so that everyone has a place to set their drink and/or food. Having to balance items or always put them down on the ground isn’t conducive to comfort. Consider long coffee tables and a set of nesting tables that can be grouped together when not in use but spread out as the need arises.

Don’t forget the lighting. Inevitably, you’ll be outdoors as the sun goes down and you should have a range of lighting options. If you’re going to be cooking, you’ll need a good task light by the grill/outdoor oven. However, for nicer ambiance, look for softer lighting that is enough to see by, but not harsh and blinding depending on where you sit. Strings of fairy lights or lanterns are popular for this reason as they provide a charming and inviting light display. Always look for warm-toned lights.

You may be outdoors, but there’s no reason you can include more plants. Look for tall, busy plants to create a natural screen for privacy. Arrangements of succulents on the central table add a nice touch that doesn’t get in the way of conversation, and colorful planters with a mix of upright and flowing plants help finish off the patio area, adding color and softness.

If you’re really looking for more privacy, consider a gazebo or lattice and pergolas. There are a number of outdoor structure options that keep the space feeling open and airy, while providing that little bit of privacy we sometimes want. You could also choose curtains or bamboo blinds if you have a covered patio. Not only do they provide privacy, they provide shade during certain times of day when the sun is shining directly into your patio area.

These are just a few ways to make your patio as much a part of your home as the interior is. Think about how you decorate the interior of your Auburn homes and then take those elements outside. From rugs to artwork or even a drinks bar and a built-in fridge or cooler, make your outdoor area as welcoming and inviting as you’d make your living room or family room. You have all of that yard space, so why not put it to good use! Our design team can help you with ideas for the exterior, as well as the interior when you work with us to build on your own lot, so feel free to ask for ideas!

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