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How to Get and Stay Organized

February 3, 2019
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Perhaps you’ve just moved into one of the new homes in Auburn and you want to keep it looking neat and organized. Or perhaps you’re already established in your home and you’ve finally gotten all of the holiday decorations put away, including those last few stragglers that seem to pop up. Now is the perfect time to put a little effort in and get your home organized in a way that makes it easy to stay organized.

The kitchen often seems to be the dropping point for a lot of clutter and a place where items go missing. The key is to make sure everything has a designated spot, preferably where it will be most convenient. If you have a countertop jar for all of your spoons and other cooking utensils, but it’s so full you have to dig to find anything, consider installing a stainless steel rod along the wall above your stove and/or sink area. Using S-hooks, you can hang spatulas, tongs, scissors and even coffee mugs and other odds and ends that you use daily. When you can see everything at a glance and can easily return the item to where it belongs, you’re more likely to stay organized.

A number of the Grayhawk home designs include kitchen pantries, which are great for extra storage. However, it is important to make sure everything is easily visible, so you don’t run out of important items or buy unnecessary multiples. To keep food fresh and visible enough to see how much you have at any given moment, consider purchasing food storage containers. They’re a great way to keep baking supplies, dried pasta, cereal, rice, and more free from pests and prevent them from making a mess.

Whether it’s the kitchen or bathrooms, make the most of the space under your sinks. A variety of multi-level storage shelving units are available to make the most of the space. A handled basket that contains your usual cleaning supplies makes it easy to move around from space to space with everything you need at hand, while shelves make the most of often unused space, so that you can store a variety of items that would otherwise end up in a hard-to-reach jumble.

Fortunately, the Grayhawk homes feature spacious closets, but it’s always helpful to have items that will provide more space and keep similar items together. S-shaped hangers are perfect for hanging scarves, tablecloths, and a variety of items. Hang them in entrance closets, guest rooms, or bedrooms or wherever they will be most convenient.

Finally, make the most of your drawers with organizers that can be altered to fit your specific needs. That junk drawer in the kitchen no longer needs to be a nightmare and the drawers in your bedroom can be organized to make sure socks, underwear, belts, t-shirts and anything else has its own space.

These are just a few ways to make sure your new homes in Auburn get organized and stay organized. Look at where you have the most problems and explore the wide variety of organizational tools available to help. From daily planners to message boards for everyone to keep track of schedules, life may get a little easier so you can sit back and enjoy your beautiful home.

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