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How to Keep Your Home Always Organized

August 4, 2019
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Looking through magazines, skimming through Pinterest, double-tapping through Instagram, it may seem like some people have achieved the impossible: an always organized home. While the reality is that a lot of those photos probably have stacks of stuff shoved just out of shot, it is also possible to keep your Opelika AL homes looking neat and organized on a daily basis.

First off, there’s a reason why so many home organizational gurus recommend getting rid of stuff you really don’t need. It’s just more stuff taking up needed space, making it harder to stay organized. With fewer things that you just don’t use, you’ve got more space for those things you do use regularly. Be realistic, but also be firm, and get rid of things you know you just don’t need.

When you’ve pared down your home, start making sure everything has a place where it belongs. Ideally, that home should be close to wherever you use any particular item on a regular basis. If you have to go to another room to get something and put it back, there’s a better chance it’s going to get stashed somewhere it doesn’t belong. So keep notepads and pens in an organized, designated spot in the kitchen, for example, where you’re likely to be making lists of groceries, school events, etc. Also keep paperclips, pens, staplers, folders, and such in your home office, even if your home office is just a desk in a corner of a room. Wherever you keep your paperwork, keep your paperwork accessories.

Of course, everything may finally have a general area where it belongs, but it often helps to have containers to help keep things neat and easy to reach. Hit up the container stores for everything from sealable glass or stainless-steel jars for sugar, flour and such to keep your pantry neat and organized, but also pick up attractive storage boxes and trays for the coffee table to hold remotes and game accessories.

Another way to stay organized is simply to make use of waiting time. When you’re waiting for the popcorn to pop, empty or fill the dishwasher and straighten up around the kitchen. Are you waiting for the shower to warm up? Clean up the countertop or straighten up a messy drawer. Most people fast-forward through commercials these days, but why not make use of them a couple of times a night and straighten up throw pillows, put away toys and remotes, or any other little task.

As your Opelika AL homes become more organized, anything out of place will start to stand out and it will be more obvious what you need to do, yet also take less time. Create a system for things like mail and paperwork so that it doesn’t pile up. Keep a basket by the stairs for things that need to be taken upstairs the next time you go. By creating systems and having the right storage for everything in your home, you’ll soon make staying organized a fast, simple and natural part of your life.

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