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How to Select Cabinet Handles

April 17, 2021
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When you choose to work with Grayhawk Homes to build one of the homes in Opelika AL on your own lot, you have the opportunity to customize your home down to the knobs and pulls on the cabinets in your kitchens. That gives you the option to really put your own mark on the home from the very first day, on features big and small. After all, those little details can really make a big final impact.

Knobs and pulls aren’t just about looks; they’re about protecting your cabinetry. Handles prevent a lot of dirt, grease, and other grime from building up on your cabinets and making them look dull and dirty over time. However, when it comes to choosing handles, wait until you’ve made all of your other cabinet choices so you can determine what will work and look best in your new kitchen.

Your first choice is whether you want knobs or pulls. This is primarily an issue of personal preference, though pulls tend to be better on drawers or any pull-out cabinetry. Knobs tend to work better on simple cabinet doors. Part of making your choice comes down to comfort: what instinctively feels more comfortable for you, especially when cooking. You can certainly mix and match knobs and pulls; it really comes down to your personal style and the look you want for the kitchen. Knobs can sometimes look more traditional, while pulls can look more modern. Still, there’s flexibility in the design of each.

Next up, think about the overall look of your kitchen. Is it all sleek lines or more curved, rustic charm? The shapes of your pulls and knobs should complement, but they don’t necessarily have to match exactly. If you have a kitchen full of straight lines, you can still choose pulls for everything — knobs may look odd in particularly sleek, modern kitchens — but you can look for pulls that are more rounded and curved to add some softness. For kitchens with raised-panel cabinetry that is more detailed and decorative, you could choose knobs or pulls, though something with a bit of curve and decorative detail will probably fit the overall style better than a sleek pull or knob.

The final choice comes down to the finish. Do you want painted pulls for a sunny, floral, traditional kitchen or do you want matte black or brushed nickel for a sleek kitchen? Fortunately, there’s a large selection out there. You don’t have to stick just with the big-box hardware stores. There are stores dedicated specifically to cabinet hardware, in actual shops and online. Pulls and knobs are a great way to add some personal decorative touches in a kitchen, so it’s worth exploring the options and considering finishes that you may not have considered at first.

Finally, don’t worry too much about matching the faucet finish to the handles, as long as the finish and style aren’t jarring. If you’re having your home built by a company like Grayhawk Homes, you can also get help making your choices from the team at our Design Studio. They may be able to recommend options you hadn’t considered. On the other hand, if you’ve had your choices made from day one, go with what appeals to you. After all, it’s your brand new home, so make sure the details make you happy. That’s the appeal in building your own homes in Opelika AL; no two homes need to be the same and you can put your mark on features big and small.

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