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How to Set Up an Office for Remote Working

August 15, 2020
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These days, more people are working from home, either full time or a few days a week. If this is becoming a regular part of your worklife, then it is important to create a dedicated home office space. Fortunately, Grayhawk’s new homes in Fortson GA typically include some sort of flex space that allows you to dedicate a whole room or at least part of a room to create a workspace where you can focus, be productive, and then leave it all behind at the end of the work day. After all, finding the right balance between work and life when you work from home is one of the biggest challenges.

Finding the right space for remote working may take some trial and effort, especially if there are multiple people in the home looking for the best spot. First, think about what you do. Do you need quiet for writing or making lots of phone calls? Then it’s best to convert a flex room away from the main hub of the home to avoid distractions. If you can work with some noise, then you could potentially turn a corner of a family room or kitchen into your workspace. Ideally, try to find a space where you can leave your work and not have to move everything each day. The dining room table or kitchen island may meet your basic needs, but anything that gets in the way of your daily life isn’t ideal or something that can last for long.

In the best case scenario, you have a guest room or a flex room that can serve a variety of purposes, including a dedicated home office. Whether it’s one or two of you in this space, do your best to make it speciifically an office space. Of course, working from home means  you can have a much nicer and attractive work space. No more fluorescent overheads and beat-up furniture. Try to create a space that you want to work in and will make you feel productive and focused. Be creative with color, artwork, and lighting to create a setting that is comfortable yet inspiring.

If you have the space to yourself, consider creating a corner that actually lets you get away from work for a few minutes. A comfy chair and side table for a few minutes of reading and a cup of tea can help you relax and refresh. Alternatively, you could set up a yoga mat, either for simple stretching or for meditation. The point is to give yourself a chance to get up and away from your work for a break, without going too far and getting involved in some other task.

Consider adding plants to your workspace, as well. They’re great for purifying the air and creating a happy environment. A tall potted plant in one corner and smaller colorful potted plants on the corner of your desk or on shelves can really have a positive impact on your mood and productivity according to a variety of studies.


Finally, if you have a covered back porch, think about how you can use that space. During the summer, it may be too hot to stay out all day, but as temperatures cool, or even when you just need to get out of the house for a bit, your porch can become your own version of working in a coffee shop. A change of scenery and some fresh air may be just what you need to finish off a project. It can also be a good place to make calls if the noise inside the house is distracting. Make sure your WiFi reaches outside, add in a bistro table big enough to work at, and you’ll soon find yourself with multiple workplaces that provide you with plenty of options depending on your mood.


Working from home has its pros and cons, but by making the most of the variety of Grayhawk new homes in Fortson GA and the flexible spaces they offer, you can create a dedicated work space that meets your specific needs, helping you work faster and smarter.

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