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Kid-Focused Spring Cleaning Tips

April 8, 2019
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Residents of Smiths Station AL new homes — especially those who purchased a Grayhawk Homes property — are enjoying spring’s arrival in the space and comfort of their new home. However, any home with children eventually ends up with a lot of child-related clutter. With spring cleaning on many people’s minds, here are some kid-focused areas of the home to pay special attention to as you start your seasonal cleaning.

Clothing often seems an almost weekly challenge, rather than seasonal, with kids outgrowing everything so quickly. Still, if you haven’t gone through their clothing recently, now is a good time to do so, especially if they’re going to need new items for the warmer weather. Everything still wearable should be organized clearly so that children can dress themselves more easily. Items that are in good shape should be donated or passed down, and consider recycling worn out clothing for cleaning rags, or even cut them into scraps that the kids can get creative with, stored in a special container.

Speaking of items that let kids explore their creativity, don’t forget to go through all of the craft supplies and get rid of dried-out markers and glue, crayons and chalk that are too small to be used, and other items past their prime. Now may also be the time to go through all of those drawings and projects you received and be firm with yourself about what you really want to keep and what can probably go into the recycling.

No matter how diligent you try to be about toys taking over the home, well, they take over the home. Now is the time to go through all of your kids’ toys and get rid of any that are broken beyond repair, never played with, or are just the little junk pieces of plastic that come in goody bags and kids’ meals. Ideally, do this when the kids aren’t at home so you have less interference. For the toys that are still in good shape, but just don’t get played with, put those in a separate donation pile. Finally, for the toys that are to remain, make sure they have a place to go when the kids are finished playing. Baskets and other storage options kept at kid height make it easier for children to follow through and put toys away.

Children often amass quite the library, but some of those books have probably been outgrown and are just collecting dust. Books in good shape that you know won’t be read again can be donated, or if they suffered heavy damage during teething, go ahead and recycle them. For the books that remain, make sure they’re organized neatly, whether on shelves in your child’s room or in a dedicated section of the family bookcases.

Depending on your children’s ages, your focus might be on different areas, such as outdoor toys, sports equipment, or game consoles. The key is to think about the areas most in need of organizing in your Smiths Station AL new homes and find the best solutions for those areas.

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