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Kid Friendly Back Yard Ideas

June 21, 2020
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How many of us grew up with parents encouraging us to go play outside for a while and get some fresh air? While they may have simply wanted us out from under foot at times, parents still have the urge to send their kids outdoors to play and get some exercise, especially with kids spending plenty of time on tablets, phones, and video games. The best way to do that is to make sure the back yard area of your homes in Fortson GA are as kid friendly and appealing as possible

Having your own private sandbox is a great way for little kids to enjoy the sensory experience, as well as have fun building and playing. You can certainly choose a store-bought version (covers are recommended), but if you’re feeling creative and crafty, other options include building a sandbox into your deck or even creating special designs like sailboats, complete with their own sail.

For budding gymnasts or just kids that love to tumble about, consider installing a long tumbling mat. Choose a fairly level area of the yard and install outdoor mats that provide extra padding, along with padded edges for a little extra protection. By creating a designated place, you don’t have to worry about your whole yard being destroyed by constantly moving mats.

Trampolines are always popular, but to make them more versatile, consider adding in padded back pillows and other outdoor throw pillows to make a fun hangout area between bounces. To combat the Georgia heat, add in a sail covering for some shade.

A similar option is a rope net hangout. There are rope nets designed to be played on and hung from that can be attached to trees or posts. Kids can have fun crawling across the net or just relaxing and daydreaming. Plus, you can add items, such as gymnastic rings for added fun and adventure.

There are a variety of swing sets and play structures available that are sure to keep your kids entertained for years to come. A combination of swings, rope nets, slides, and wall climb features provide plenty of options for everyone.

Treehouses may seem an idyllic part of childhood, but they’re not always an option. However, you can go with the next best thing by creating a playhouse out of a converted shed. Use fun colors, add some decorative details, and let your kids have some freedom in deciding what they want inside and let their imaginations do the rest.

Finally, there’s no reason why parents and kids can’t enjoy some outdoor fun together. A great way for the whole family to come together in the evening is over a fire pit. With some comfortable seating and a fire pit, you can sit back and enjoy your backyard, well past summer, and have a great place to tell stories, sing songs, roast marshmallows, and spend some fun and quality time together.

Our homes in Fortson GA in the Ivy Park community are great for back yard play. With mature trees that have remained part of the community, as well as back yards with room to play and patios perfect for simply relaxing and enjoying the outdoors, the whole family can get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air and fun.

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