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Maintenance of New Homes vs Old Homes

January 5, 2020
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While an older may have a certain charm, an older home also comes with more maintenance and repair requirements. No matter how well the home has been maintained or how recently it has been renovated, there are likely still issues that may arise. When you purchase one of the Columbus GA new homes, you still need to maintain your home, but you’re less likely to have expensive repairs, and should problems occur, they’re more likely to be under warranty.

It’s important to note the difference between maintenance and repairs. In this instance, we’re talking about maintenance to keep your home functioning. Repairs are when something actually breaks. Older homes are more likely to have more repairs, as well as regular maintenance needs and unfortunately, repairs are typically more costly than maintenance and almost always seem to come at the worst time. However, with a new home, you shouldn’t have to worry about any repairs for years to come, particularly if you follow recommended maintenance guidelines for appliances and your home. You’ll save money and reduce stress in the long run.

When you purchase your new home, ask about recommended maintenance, especially regarding anything covered under warranty. Following proper maintenance schedules is easier and cheaper than having to repair or replace something due to your own neglect. Ideally, keep a chart somewhere listing a general schedule of maintenance duties that you see regularly and can take care of when needed. You may want to keep any appliance operating manuals together by the chart so you have fewer excuses for not getting things done.

Whether you have an old or new house, basic maintenance that all homes require includes chores such as removing dirt and debris from rain gutters, replacing filters regularly for HVAC systems, replacing water filters and vacuuming coils for the refrigerator, lubricating springs on the garage door, testing the sump pump in the basement flood control system, and flushing the hot water tank to remove sediment. Obviously, you need to make sure all weather-proofing, paint, trim, and roofing is maintained as well, and keep your yard landscaped to avoid dangerous roots, dead trees, damaging weeds, and other problems.

Fortunately, when it comes to maintenance, you can do much of it yourself, but if there are certain chores you really don’t want to do, you can typically hire someone to take care of things like gutters and landscaping. No matter who does the maintenance, the key is that it is done according to schedule so that there’s less chance of damage being done that needs costly repairs.

Whether you purchase one of the Columbus GA new homes or a previously owned home, making an effort to stay on top of maintenance will go a long way to avoiding serious repairs. Plus, with a new home, should there be the need for repairs, there’s a good chance many elements of your home are still under warranty and just need a claim and a phone call. All Grayhawk homes are backed by Quality Builders Warranty and are built to a high level, so you can feel comfortable choosing one of their new homes. Contact them today to learn more about why one of their new homes could be the right home for you.


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