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On-Trend Fall Decor Ideas

October 24, 2020
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Break out the pumpkin spice, the candles, the apple cider, and cozy blankets. Fall has arrived, and we’ve got some great seasonal decor ideas for your homes in Auburn AL. You’ve probably already got a head start with your college football colors, but here are some less expected ideas for your decor to liven up your home interior beyond the obvious decorations.

People tend to lean toward dining tables in a variety of natural wood stains, but still clearly wood. However, interior designers are starting to turn more to white dining table sets. They also look great against wood flooring and are the perfect neutral to incorporate any color palette. Even if you don’t want to replace your main dining room table, consider a white table for a dine-in kitchen for your more casual meals. All of those fall colors will really pop against the white surface!

Plaids and tartans are always popular this time of year, but the latest trend is for a larger black and white plaid pattern. Plus, it’s not limited to throw blankets or pillows. Consider using it for your bedding, curtains, or even for an entry mat.

Temperatures may be cooling off, but it’s still warm enough to enjoy a fire pit outside in the evenings. Grab some cozy throws, whether in the black and white plaid or in more traditional fall colors and set up some wood and canvas seating around your fire pit. Canvas seating is popping up more and more and can be quite comfy and cozy. If you don’t have a fire pit, it’s worth looking into getting one, whether you go for a built-in option or a portable one. Just make sure you’ve got the ingredients for s’mores on hand!

For your living room, you’ve got various options, depending on how much you want to make a change. If you’re looking for simple seasonal updates, earthy, neutral-colored vases in simple, rounded shapes are an excellent finishing piece for empty shelves or side tables. Pairs or groupings of three, with gradated sizing, add warmth and elegance to the room. You can always go further and add in some branches or fall flowers or just let their shapes speak for themselves.

If you want to go further in your living room decor, consider adding in some velvet, especially in an elegant mink color that is earthy but stylish, blending between brown and silvery gray. In fact, it works with William-Sherman’s Urbane Bronze color that is their big color for 2021. A single plush chair, perfect for reading, or a loveseat with clean lines in a velvet fabric adds a sense of cozy comfort to the room. However, with velvet, you don’t need too much and should consider pairing a sofa or loveseat with more streamlined modern pieces to balance the richness of the fabric.

Decorating for the fall season doesn’t just mean pumpkins and chrysanthemums; it can just as easily be changes in your actual decor. For the bedroom, get a comforter or duvet that allows you to change out the cover with the seasons, creating a fun and affordable way to keep your room interesting. Accent pieces like vases can easily be stored away during the summer and swapped out for lighter decorative pieces. Even furniture like a velvet sofa can be used year round, by switching out seasonal throw pillows. Look at decorating for fall in a new way and your homes in Auburn AL will be a fantastic blend of cozy comfort and up-to-date style.

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