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Planning for Your Model Home Visit

June 19, 2021
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If you are a serious home buyer, touring model homes can be fun and exciting, but it can also be stressful and overwhelming.  A search for “model home near me” can turn up a number of results and with a busy schedule you need to make the most of your time and new home search.

So here are 5 tips to get the most out of a model home visit.

  1. Location. Location.

The saying is true, location can be everything. So if you know the area you want to live, then narrow your search by models in that city or zip code.  Search for “model homes near me” and make a list of what is available and open to tour.

Here’s one thing to note about visiting a specific model home. Sometimes a home builder will offer the model you want and in the location you desire, but the builder does not have a model home near you that is available at this current time.  If you find yourself in that situation, the best thing to do is contact that builder and find out if there are any homes under construction in your area – that are the model you are considering. Perhaps you can schedule a guided walk through. Also, there may be virtual tours available online before you invest in any type of road trip to see that model. These online tours as well as interactive floorplans provide a great introduction to the home.

  1. Narrow your search.

Search results for model homes can be overwhelming depending on where you want to live. Start by narrowing your search to the type of home you desire.  Know your budget and what you can qualify for with a mortgage. Do you know how much square feet you want? Do you know how many bedrooms you need?  Consider if you need a garage, attached or detached home, main floor master bedroom, open space living area, and amenities such as a community center and pool. Look at floor plans online to help you determine what is available and narrow down your search.

  1. Make a list.

Now grab a pen and paper. At the top,spell out your MUST HAVE’s and NICE TO HAVE’s for your next home.  Below, create notes such as the name of the home builder, the model name, community name, and the features and/or options available for that home that appeals to you.

  1. Plan your visit.

Now it’s time to take all of your research and begin vising the model homes near you.  (If you are working with or going to work with a real estate professional, reach out to them BEFORE you visit any models/sales offices.)

Call the contact number provided on the builder’s website to learn when the models are open and if you need to schedule an appointment.  If models are open and require no appointment necessary, try to allow yourself enough time to walk the home a few times if necessary.

Print a floor plan at home or ask for one at the sales office and walk the model with that floor plan. Use that plan to make notes about features or areas of the home where you have questions. Pay attention to the details of the home and imagine how you would use that space, enter the home, and live in that space.

Remember to visit the community amenities and look around the neighborhood and surrounding area, if possible, for the communities you liked best.

  1. Narrow your choices.

After visiting several models on your list and perhaps viewing some there were not, you should have a good idea of the floor plans and layouts that best appeal to you. Perhaps you were surprised that a home with a smaller footprint had efficient use of space to create a smart and appealing home that would suit all of your needs? Or maybe you discovered that a home builder has altered the design of their model to feature an optional extra bedroom you would want?

Revisit your list and highlight the models you loved. Stay firm with your list of MUST HAVE’s but be flexible with your NICE TO HAVE’s lists. Talk to the sales agents in the communities you want to live and learn what lots are available. Ask about the builder and home buyer about time lines and expected move-in dates. Learn about the design options and possible upgrades that are available. Keep asking questions until you choose the model home that best fits your family and lifestyle. When you are ready to put a contract in for that new home, allow for enough time to read the fine print and make sure everyone is on the same page. Schedule follow up visits to your favorite models if needed.

Lastly, take time to enjoy the process. While searching for a home can be intense, remember to take a minute to catch your breath and look around. Touring model homes near you is a fun part of the home buyer journey and is an exciting time for you to look around and consider the endless possibilities of your new home.

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