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Small Decor Changes Make a Big Difference This Spring

May 26, 2018
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Once you’ve lived in one of the new homes in Salem AL for a year, you’ve had time to think about your interior design and see what works, what you’ve grown bored with, and what you’d like to change. Plus, for some homeowners, simply changing the decor a little with the seasonal changes keep the home fresh and comfortable, year round. Here are some simple changes you can make that create a fresh look for spring.

With warmer, sunnier days, bring a sense of light and color into your home with new curtains and colorful rugs. These simple changes give new life and a new look to any room. Flowing, gauzy curtains, either in a light color or complementary brighter color, instantly make a room feel fresh and bright. You could also choose a bolder, more colorful rug for some rooms or look for one that can artfully overlap an existing rug.

Gallery walls are highly popular and they offer a lot of freedom in arrangement and framing. If you want to stick with a grid pattern but currently have dark frames, try reframing in a different color, ranging from a bold color to a glittering metallic. Even if you don’t have a gallery wall, consider reframing or rehanging your art in different rooms or in different groupings. You’ll start to look at the art in a fresh new way.

The bed is the piece of furniture that immediately draws the eye in the bedroom, so consider updating the room with a new headboard. In addition, you could change your bedding, choosing colors and fabrics that are brighter and lighter than you may have been using during the winter. We change our clothing for the seasons, so why not change our bedding?

Another way to make a big but easy change to a bedroom is by painting a statement ceiling. Bring the bright blue sky into your bedroom, or the warmth of a setting sun, or the glossy darkness of a night sky. Alternatively, turn your bedroom into a place of relief from all of that bright Alabama sunshine and paint your bedroom walls a dark color to give yourself a place truly meant for sleep and relaxation.

Many of the new homes in Salem AL include extensive bookcases that can benefit from reorganization. Even if you’re a dedicated bibliophile who has room for nothing but books, you could try organizing them by color for visual interest, or try mixing up vertical and horizontal stacking. Depending on your bookshelves, you may even be able to make more space for your books that way. If your bookcases do contain a mix of books, collectibles, memorabilia, or any other pictures and knick knacks, rearrange them, find new groupings, and make use of stacks of books to show off some of your favorite pieces.

There’s no reason why decor can’t change with the seasons. Rearrange furniture, add new colors for a season, or just change the throw pillows on the sofa. A few changes can give you that new-home feeling, no matter how long you’ve lived there.

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