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The Upgrades and Options That Today’s Buyers Want

December 20, 2020
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There is an increasingly smaller number of homes in Columbus GA on the market, which makes it a seller’s market. However, even in a seller’s market, it’s important that your home has the kind of upgrades and layout options that today’s buyers really want. With a little effort and some small costs, you will make your home significantly more appealing, which could lead to a significantly higher price to help pay for your brand new Grayhawk home.

Especially now, buyers see the importance of having a home office space. Many people will remain working from home for a while, and for some, it may become a permanent situation, or at least a part-time option. The need for a dedicated area that offers peace and privacy, not to mention enough space to keep things organized, is high on the list of a lot of buyers right now. Even if you don’t currently need a home office, try to stage one or more rooms to show their ability to serve this purpose. Ideally, turn a guest room into a multi-purpose room, with an attractive office desk setup, along with the basic guest room necessities. For some people, a full office isn’t necessary, but they still need a dedicated space to work. If you have a kitchen nook that could also serve as a home office space, set up your laptop and a few office supplies when showing your home to help buyers see the potential.

Open plans are still popular, but with more people spending time at home together, it’s also nice to have some additional separation of spaces. Adding in pocket doors, French doors, sliding barn doors, or even room dividers gives buyers options when they need to have a break or have multiple activities going on at the same time.

If your home has a finished lower level or a bonus room upstairs, think about how the space is being used. For now, you may want to restage it as a home gym area, since many buyers are skipping gym memberships and buying a few pieces of home equipment. Set up a treadmill, stationary bike, or even just a yoga mat and some hand weights, along with a TV or tablet setup to create a simple but attractive home gym concept. Alternatively, you can show the space as a second family room, ideal for older kids to have their own space, as a home media room, or some other useful, thoughtfully arranged space. The point is to make every area of your home look livable, useful, and ready to go, rather than an area that may leave the buyer questioning its use.

Being in Georgia, while it may get chilly, there’s still a lot more of the year when you can spend some time outdoors, especially if you add in a fire pit. Make sure your outdoor patio or porch looks inviting, even during the winter months. Whether you have a built-in fire pit, or a more portable one, add in some blankets and throw pillows and string up some lights and create a cozy space that will make buyers appreciate the option of being outdoors for more of the year. Even if you don’t add in a fire pit, make sure your furnishings are fresh and clean and add some color with plants like chrysanthemums and poinsettias. All of your landscaping should be freshened up, trimming trees and bushes, cleaning, garage door windows, and removing any stains on the driveway. Try to make the exterior of your home look warm and inviting and well lit, especially as many buyers may be seeing it in the evening for the first time.

People are spending more time at home these days and while things may change, many buyers are looking for homes that will always be comfortable and flexible enough to meet their needs. The more you can do to make your home fit these needs, the easier it will be to sell. Soon you’ll be in your own comfortable, flexible, spacious and beautiful Grayhawk homes in Columbus GA.

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