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What’s Trending in Kitchen Floors

May 23, 2021
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When it comes to putting the finishing touches on your Midland GA homes, the kitchen is going to be an important room. After all, it tends to be the hub of the home. As for deciding on flooring, there is a wide range of materials, colors, and patterns from which to choose. Keep in mind the color and style of the cabinets and other fixtures you want to use to help you find a floor that complements the space. That will often help narrow down some of your choices.

These days, you’re seeing some shifting trends, though there are plenty of classics and even retro flooring options available, as well. For example, vinyl is something plenty of people remember in kitchens across America back in the day, but they didn’t always hold up well. However, today’s vinyl flooring is more durable and in some cases anti-microbial. This is flooring that gives you a range of design options, including wood-like and marble-like, or even retro vinyl patterns, depending on your tastes. Don’t be afraid to give vinyl a look, as you may find something affordable and long-lasting.

Of course, if you want actual marble, rather than vinyl that looks like marble, you’re in luck, as marble floors are a big kitchen trend right now. Marble isn’t just for counters anymore. In addition, the current trend is for marble with a visual impact.You’re likely to see pronounced veining, heavy graphic patterns, and warmer color tones.

Hardwood floors are always a popular choice, though in kitchens they can be problematic with all of the spills and moisture. You could still choose wood and use a number of kitchen rugs to catch spills and scratches. Alternatively,  you could go with the updated vinyl flooring that looks like wood, or choose tile that has been finished to look like wood. There’s a number of materials out there these days that seem to play double duty.

Certainly tile is a popular choice for kitchens, thanks to being able to stand up to water and its ease of cleaning. However, rather than a kitchen floor that is all one color of tile or two at most, people are creating interesting patterns and using various shapes and sizes. You could go with extra-large tiles with a stone effect, or you could go vintage with smaller tiles in multiple colors, creating eye-catching patterns. Of course, you could always use just one color and use smaller tiles, creating chevron or herringbone patterns, much like wood floors. Another option is to use a couple of colors and sizes and create a framework tile for the kitchen, especially if it will be leading into another room with a different type of flooring. Let the pattern and color of the tile frame the kitchen space in a stylish way.

Kitchen floors are becoming bolder these days. Many Midland GA homes are looking to add some color and interest while still keeping the cabinets fairly neutral. The flooring can be complemented by accent wall colors to add further visual interest. Whether you go big and bold or stick with traditional, there are lots of great materials and styles available now that make it possible to have the kind of floor you want and can afford for a space that gets a lot of use. Don’t be afraid to explore new ideas and see what really feels right for you and your family in your new home.

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